Cockney Latic’s web site was shut down for nearly two days due to the message board capacity being very high, it has now been fixed and so Wigan Athletic fans have their place back to have their say.

Due to high volumes of people reading the message boards, articles, archives and news on the site we had a meltdown on Friday.

We hope to have fixed the problem now (thanks John), though we haven’t a clue if it will happen again or not.

Thanks for bearing with us whilst we have these hiccups.

It did bring to light though as we checked through the logs that of the readers of the message boards, less than 2% actually post, could you imagine the impact if the other ‘browsers’ actually posted as well??? Come on guys, don’t be shy, we know you are out there….

Click here to disucuss this issue and many more on the Cockney Latic message board.

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