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We are well away from the finished article, but there were some notable performances today.
I thought that every single player made a great contribution to get the result over the line. Here are a few comments and observations, but don’t be offended if I have missed anyone.

Sam Tickle: put your tenner on Sam playing for England one day. Only real mistake was their goal, but more than made up for it with the rest of his performance.
Shaun Clare: shakey first twenty minutes then grew into the game. Liked his penetrating runs from defence to start a number of attacks.
Charlie Hughes: looks like he has been playing for 20 years; so calm and confident in his own ability. Charlie might join Sam in a future England line up !
Liam Morrison: workman like performance and can’t remember any mistakes.
Tom Pearce: welcome back from the wilderness. One of the best left footed crossers that I have seen in a Wigan Team since 1968.
Matt Smith: as you would expect from an Arsenal youngster. A calm footballing brain in possession. The sort that will give me the jitters until we have seen him week in and week out.
Scotty Smith: good engine room, prepared to get stuck in and clinical passing. Should become a fans favourite.
Steven Humphrys: great energy and strength. Once he scores, he will go from strength to strength.
Callum Lang: always like Callum, but hope the Captaincy doesn’t distract him from his normal game. Think he was carrying an injury today, but still put in a good shift.
Thelo Asgaard: looked menacing today and had the Cobblers worried. Keep it up.
Charlie Wyke: ground out 100 mins today, so every credit. He deserved a goal at the end, but the post just beat him.
Kell Watts: welcome back Kell and good to see you on the pitch.
Callum McManaman: All time legend, and I think he will have a very valuable contribution to a long season. Brilliant goal today, showing good craft and determination.
Chris Sze: reminds me of a young Mike Newell and hope he proves to be as good.
Baba Adeeko: first saw him at Accrington about two seasons ago. Good strong lad; another one that I’m tipping for a great career.

Enjoyed my day today, thanks to Shaun & the Boys !