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    I haven’t seen a better left footed crosser of the ball in a Wigan shirt than Pearce for as long as I can remember. 2 out our 4 goals have come from his cross.
    It could have been 3 after we hit the post from Wykes header.
    His corners are as good as they get, accuracy, pace, and put in a position were, if the keeper comes he’s left in no man’s land i.e. Derby.
    Overall given the changes no one can moan not even me. I’m just glad that a fair chunk of the team that left the pitch on final whistle came through the Wigan ranks at some point.
    McManaman for me made the difference. Just his intensity took the pace of the game up a notch which shoved Northampton on the back foot for a good 15-20minutes.

    Our biggest challenge is keeping them all fit. Once key players get injured that’s when we might struggle so we need to lap it up while it good