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    Few blue tinted specs there Lostock.

    Tom Pearce would be a good crosser of a ball if he was hitting them from the other side of the canal. Not so hard son.

    Scott Smith was awful. Game changed when he fucked off.

    Speaking of fucking off, Chris Sze will be fone asap.

    I’ll agree with most of the rest. Clare and Matt Smith look like great signings.

    I know these are your views and you’re entitled to them, but why sound so angry with 2 of the academy kids?
    You are wanting Sze and Smith to “fuck off” after seeing them start off on their first team careers.
    Scott Smith played really well and bombed forward when he could. Sze tried hard to make an impact on the game but was only given a cameo role. No need to be so aggressive buddy and don’t be so quick to judge these young players, give them time to develop. :unsure:

    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!