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    They simply hate us, they’ve proved that over the past few by stamping on us at every opportunity while the likes of Derby and Reading get the kid glove treatment.

    As I stated the rules have changed this season

    As long as the last man/player makes a genuine attempt to play the ball which Hughes clearly does videos pictures etc then it should only be a yellow.
    The ref did not know rules, if he did he would have consulted with the linesman and given Hughes a yellow.
    There was no way the EFL would reverse the refs decision, probably another club not us.
    This clearly 100% proves they’ve got it in for us because technology proves he made a clear attempt at the ball not the man.

    The EFL is corrupt no two ways about it. It will always have it’s favourite clubs, those with the brown envelopes packed with filthy money.
    Like MP’s they line their own pockets while in position. You’ll never see ex EFL members driving a 10 plate Ford Escort that’s for sure,