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MR BrownbillMR Brownbill

    That Slippery Barnsley still seem to be avoiding EFL punishment for these serious charges ….The charges in full are:

    Failing to provide the league with correct and/or complete information regarding the beneficial ownership of shares in the club, despite a request for such information being made by the league.

    Failing to provide the league with the necessary notifications regarding the ownership position at the club

    Failing to publish accurate information on the club’s website concerning the ultimate owners of the significant interest in the club

    Allowing individuals to acquire a position of control without prior clearance from the EFL

    Failing to act towards the league with the utmost good faith………………..
    ..The 4th paragraph astounds me…….where the EFL asleep?….Isn’t that their role to process the clearance procedure?……..2 months on and the EFL brush and carpet lifter coming out of the store room…….Absolute not fit for purpose toss pots.