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    The amount of people joining in has dropped over the years, but so far this season we are averaging 23 per match.

    Matchday 1, Northampton Town 25 predictions
    Matchday 2, Barnsley 21 predictions
    Matchday 3, Cambridge United 23 predictions
    Matchday 4, Portsmouth 23 predictions
    Matchday 5, Oxford United 7 so far with 3 days to go (FFS get predicting)

    I wish we had more, but that is up to all us regulars to keep on predicting and to trying to promote our ‘little bit of matchday fun’ with our friends, relatives and fellow fans etc. (Thank you OTBAW for your efforts.)
    I hope it can grow, or at least keep a float.
    Thanks to everyone for joining in, and keep on predicting!!!!!!