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    Guess the Gate Competition 2023/24

    Here is an up to date list of how many posters we have had for each game so far this season.
    The figures have dropped over the years, but up to Tuesday we were averaging a healthy 23 per match.

    It has been tinkered with over on Vital to try to increase the posters, and up to now we have 16 posters for the Shrewsbury match on Saturday, so I am hopeful we can gain a few back, and beat Tuesdays amount and maybe get the average back up a bit.

    If you know of anyone who may be interested in having a go, let them know, we are only 5 matches in, and no one is running away with it so far.

    Matchday 1, Northampton Town 25 predictions
    Matchday 2, Barnsley 21 predictions
    Matchday 3, Cambridge United 23 predictions
    Matchday 4, Portsmouth 23 predictions
    Matchday 5, Oxford United 18 predictions
    Matchday 6, Shrewsbury Town 16 so far with 28 hours to go.