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    It’s a confidence and coaching trait. Look at Chambers, if he didn’t run with it and cross he looked up and banged it across the field but always thinking forward as the first option that’s because he’s been coached that way, forward thinking all the time, attack the defence get them on the backfoot.

    I’m sick to the fcukin back teeth of watching our players getting the ball a few yards in the oppositions half,a quick look round but making sure your always facing Tickle, then think “don’t fancy my chances here !, simple, I’ll just give it back, let some other fcuker screw it up.”

    It’s no good having 400 passes per game but if they eventually don’t penetrate the opposition then it’s all for nothing.
    Agree short corners load of bolloks, it’s to draw a man out the box. Well let me explain, if you don’t take the short corner 1 of their players drops back into the box and so does one of ours which therefore makes no advantage to either side just 2 players extra in the box.
    Is a short corner that much of an advantage in L1 ? Maloney bringing bullsh1t to the training pitch
    When we do alot of the time Humphrys is normally hovering around Jesus ter fcukin knight why !!!!! Get in the box you big lump

    But Magennis and offside was embarrassing for me the worse thing today, he even had the cheek to argue with the ref over one of them.

    2 seasons back in L1 Magennis and Shinnie were fresh as a daisy dogsh1t extreme.
    In the Championship 2 different players,back in L1 Magennis is back to been dogshit. Like I said, thank the fcukin stars he’s gone in the summer he’s vvank of the highest order.

    Robinson’s gone back up Scotland and Lang’s sadly gone, pushed or asked hopefully we’ll find out.

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