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    I thought we played well the first half against an underperforming Reading side but the second half was a different story.
    I think this time (unlike Doncaster 2nd half) Reading threw everything at us and took chances by piling everyone forward. At one stage 21 players were in the last 1/4 of the pitch and we didn’t have a player beyond the semi circle of the box.

    The big big problem is, we didn’t or I should say, we don’t have a forward with pace someone to stand on the halfway line centre halfs shoulder while we’re under the cosh waiting for the breakaway. This also forces the opposition to leave to men back.

    Having Humphrys there is no good he’s simply not quick enough, and as for Magennis ??? don’t even go there. The one time Humphrys did break the greedy get hung on far too long when he only had to simply lay it off to Shaw on his right. Humphrys again deciding to roleplay Roy of the Rovers and take on 3 Reading players.

    And the short corner again, Humphrys stood there, tippy tappy, loses ball chases back gets booked. Who ever devised that on the training pitch needs call it a day.
    Adeeko needs a rest, he looks knackered and he’s starting to give the ball away far too cheaply.

    But this lack of pace will have to be addressed in the summer. If L1 organised a 4 x 100m team per club comp we’d be lapped.

    At the end of the day it’s 3 points but, it could have easily gone pear shaped had Reading nicked one. It’s a mish mash “I’m not quite sure what we’re doing” team who are dragging themselves out the doom and gloom of relegation.
    I’m not quite sure what’s happening with Lang but it needs to be sorted asap as were a valuable squad member down. He would have been ideal to come on yesterday just to put their centre halfs under a bit.
    So for me I can’t really blame Maloney for the 2nd half I blame the lack of pace up front from what he has to choose from.