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    But for Sam Tickle ( AGAIN !) i think we would have been talking about a defeat today had they taken their chances and as a spectacle the whole 109 minutes was shocking and as bad as i have witnessed watching Latics which is nearly 44 years ago.
    Football is meant to be entertainment isnt it and that but for that last gasp goal was anything but that.
    first corner and what do we do? Yeah you got it play it back towards goal and the only real direct piece of play the whole night brought us the winner.
    I appreciate it was a nasty night weather wise but most of that was totally unacceptable and i feel we got away with it again after an equally uninspiring display last saturday.
    Make no mistake if the style is adopted on saturday then i feel we will get beaten comfortably and if it hadnt been for travel issues last night i would have been mightily concerned about that sub 8000 crowd !