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    If Tickle does does he need to be guaranteed 1st team football or learn from the top clubs coaching and other keepers ?.

    Preston ? Not sure but if he is their No1 then it’s a far better League than here.
    If he goes to the Prem as suggested on here let says an Everton for instance he’s a bench warmer for 2-3 years but making some serious dollar bill.
    But the standard daily coaching he’ll get at a big club will be chalk n cheese to what he gets here.

    So I’m Tickle, a few clubs come in again Evertons one. Am I gonna knock Pickford of his perch ? No
    I’ll learn off him then in a few years time you can challenge the whoever it be No1 or get a move with money and knowledge plus make good coin.

    And let’s not forget, goalies go on into their late 30’s.
    Me ? I’d go for a big Prem move. I’d be learning more there been an understudy to a world class keeper than I’ll ever learn in L1.
    I think we’re all getting carried away here. He’s very very young in keeper terms and he’s an awful lot to learn.

    Only think I’d say is, wait till the summer when the pictures far clearer at Wigan and elsewhere.
    I think our wage structure and budget will decimate the squad with very few remaining.
    Let’s not forget, we’re running at a fairly big loss so selling is the name of the game
    We tried buying, it doesn’t work for us