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    At the back we’re all over the shop, from looking like a decent prospect Hughes has gone to looking more like a L1 player and no more than that and you have to put that down to the shifts in his partners.

    Goode?, I’m sorry but this guy’s playing football catch up at our expense. Slow reading the game, stands off invites shots hence why so many long range deflections, I just don’t know, I see less than more in him, it’s certainly not an improvement.

    One more thing, he’s come in and I noticed he’s shouting the odds, calling the shots. Now unless your a real experienced centre half ex Prem 100’s of game player who knows the script someone you can look up to knowing he’s done it I always feel players will frown upon someone shouting out who’s not, I don’t know, that might just be me but it doesn’t sound or look right and it ain’t fcukin working that’s for sure.

    Up front ?, Magennis did well coming on and for me that should be his role “coming on” he’s simply not good enough to start any game and it’s no good blaming Kelman as he never saw the ball that first half. I personally feel he should have stayed on but there you go.

    I don’t know I feel that as soon as teams close us down, pressure us, we can’t withstand it and we crumble.
    Oxford had their half time roasting as they were lucky not to be a couple of goals down and we had fairy cup cakes and handed valentines cards round because again the 2nd half of a game away we capitulated.

    It’s nearly there but there’s no steal, no grit, it all seems a bit lightweight especially in the middle. I would have loved to have seen both Smiths in the middle but again the manager knows best you’d like to think.

    As for boardroom level?, again your praying come the summer we see massive improvements otherwise 2024-2025 transfer will be another building to be broken job. We’ve been saved from the extinction as a club only to be pushed into a dark room with no windows and told to stay there till we’re ready.

    As fans like with the Hong Kong Phooey lot and the Barahini Binmen all’s we asks for is honesty and mainly clarity nothing else but right were pushed into naughty corner in silence.

    Come on Mr Danson employ a CEO and speak to the fans pal, this ships been sailing for a while now without a captain