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Even our “don’t lose” mentality & strategy failed today !

Keep saying it: but it is definitely our style of football that is our undoing.
On one noticeable occasion today, Clare receives the ball on the wing around the half way line and we are so static that his only option is sideways or backwards (reminds me of a game of chess). Whilst trying to decide, he loses it and Fleetwood romp into our box.
Keep saying this: why do we always struggle on a small pitch against a below average team ? We know that we will encounter this type of game at this level in the leagues; and still we persist with “our style”, to no avail. Got to be worth a total re-think and give something else a try. Our stubborn approach is really getting frustrating and boring; when we know that with a bit more adventurous style we could have been chasing the play off spots, despite our minus eight start.