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    There’s not much to add to yesterday’s performance that not already been said.

    I was looking forward to a decent seaside day out both on off the pitch but I was given a total washout on and off the pitch.
    Although it’s only up the road it turned out to be a dear do and then to have to watch a toothless performance. I’m not sure how you can do a defensive number over a high flying Bolton then concede 4 against the Leagues lowest scorers ?.

    We’ve a midfield that offer no protection to the back line non what so ever. I personally don’t like Goode. Bar Bolton were he had a decent game we’ve conceded goals for fun.
    2 against Peterborough
    2 against Exeter
    4 against Oxford

    Then he doesn’t play against both Cheltenham and Shrewsbury and we only concede 1 goal.
    He comes in against Bolton has a decent game the resumes play against Fleetwood shipping another 4 so that’s 12 in 5 games that cannot be a coincidence.
    When Humphrys put his goal away you would had backed us to go to win it comfortably but we took the foot off the gas and paid the price against a side who’d previously won 3 in their last 22 games.
    Consistency that’s the key word, and as for Magennis ? give me strength. Just send Kelman back we don’t need him here. Drop Adeeko or M.Smith and stick S.Smith in. Cze needs to be given along with and Morrison for Goode or Hughes.

    One last thing, are these players playing for the manager or are they simply not Goode enough ? I’m not sure if it’s abit of both. There’s a couple of senior players who seem to be put in even though their not not playing well and you get picked when out of form that’s a recipe for a disaster and that’s exactly what happened yesterday