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    I have to agree with alot already said above. We basically don’t have a forward no focal point. Humphrys and Aasgaard are certainly not what I’d class as forwards. J.Jones played very well for me, I love the positivity he brings to a fairly negative side as he’s always prepared to take players on and attack with pace.

    I’d break the bank for Chambers he’s gonna go all the way. He never makes a mistake and always looks to go forward

    I hope S.Smith can make that right back position his own over Claire he’s a far better more aggressive player than Claire.

    My tin hat goes on here for my next remark but I don’t get Adeeko. The manager see’s something I don’t. For me he gives the ball away far far too easy and too often. He rarely wins it back and it’s alot of headless chicken stuff for me looking busy but not actually doing much.

    That second half was like the Alamo and we got pummelled but held on. Was it good defending or poor finishing?, today I’ll say it was more like poor finishing especially the sitter of a header tr TV TVhey missed.

    At the end of the day it’s 3 points against a side who’s fighting for a play off spot so we can’t grumble but playing like that 2nd is a dangerous game to play.

    There’s a basis of a very good side. The problem Maloney has is finding a steady regular starting 11, he prefers using 16 players per game

    As for Magennis coming on ? It’s like going down to 10 men hence no rest bite up front.