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    I agree with both of you, Cup Winners and Skeggy.

    I think if we had more depth in the squad, Adeeko wouldn’t have featured as much this season. I think he needs to up his performance levels if Maloney is going to bring some new players in, in the Summer, or he will be a lesser part player. Theres a player in him, but not quite ready yet. (IMHO)

    Charlie Hughes was solid, steady on the ball, he really is class. As is Kerr.

    Add about 4 good quality players to this squad and we will definitely be top 6 next season. That is without departures in the summer though. I dread Tickle and Hughes going, but if Premier league clubs come in, it’s an opportunity they can’t turn down. That said, let’s hope the days of fire sales have gone now and clubs coming and taking the piss, paying peanuts.