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    Well it’s how you individually look at it, were we pinned in our own half the 2nd half or did we purposely sit back and went to the defend the 1-0 lead?.

    Ok Alamo was abit strong but we preferred to counter attack in the 2nd half. Blackpool were poor up front and I’m not sure Rhodes would have made that much difference.

    The way Maloney used our subs it was clear he wanted to defend the lead but this invites teams to have a go.

    Look, it was a well deserved 3 points, we attacked well in the first half and defended well in the second half. We tend to make changes to counter the opposition rather than “of the same”. What I mean is, we over think what their doing rather than let them think what we’re doing.

    Great when you get away with it but I prefer the option of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and let them think how can we stop them from getting a second goal.
    We played really well that first half then Maloney decided to sit back in the second basically saying to Blackpool, go on then, try score !!.

    That’s five 1-0’s in our last 7 games (4 wins) so I’m not going to grumble especially after a period of leaking goals for fun but let’s concentrate on what we’re doing rather than what their doing and kill games off because 1-0’s ain’t good for the old ticker