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    Yep the days of the big & small guy are things of the past. I think most managers can’t go any other way or the run the risk of been overrun in the middle.
    Were in this habit of, a dozen passes along the back in the hope we draw the opposition out but they never do so it’s all for nothing.

    I’m not impressed with our current midfield. I think it’s on the weak side so I’m hoping Shaw can come back in and add abit of steel but who he replaces I just do not know as Maloney is very loyal to a few.

    But as I said before, we lack a forward, an out and out forward. Not a wideman of 3 or a big hold up guy a forward, a poacher, a guy who reads the game and is there to tap it home, and the massive thing we lack


    But at the end of the day we’ve achieved our goal, to stay up. Let’s not forget we were handicapped by the EFL and we’ve comfortably done it with games in hand.

    It will be interesting to see what Maloney’s budget will be in the summer. Will it be a healthy one or heavily restricted. I don’t think he’ll be given much to actually buy players, his budget will be all about years wage budget.

    This was my point when people are on about the embargo been lifted it won’t make a sod of difference as I reckon Maloney will have to wheel & deal, loans, freebies, youth the days of £500k-£1million have gone and rightly so