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    Next year our weekly wage bill will be hugely reduced with all the big earners i.e.:-
    Wyke, Magennis, J.Jones, Kerr and whoever no longer on the pay role that’s unless we need them and they agree huge pay cuts.
    No doubt Maloney will keep Magennis because he offers alot behind the scenes but fcuk all on the pitch were in counts.

    I have to agree that Maloney will see fcuk all of any possible Robinson windfall. That money will go straight back into running the club.

    We can only guess were Maloney will be shopping this summer either Harrods or B&M Bargains. At the end of the day Danson is a businessman and and clever one at that but running a football is a money pit.

    Hopefully he will see to progress over the next few years we need to invest in the squad otherwise we’ll be rattling around in L1 L2 for the foreseeable future