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    The thing is as well, to prosper as a club and be self sufficient, we need bums on seats. The football we’ve player this season isn’t going to grab people to come in. In fact, I know a lot of people with season tickets this season have been missing games, because its been dull as dishwater to watch.

    Surely Mike Danson isn’t naive enough to think we can actually achieve anything by just constantly picking up frees and loans? They’re free of a club for a reason. It does need some sensible investment. League One, for the most part, is really shocking quality. 90% of teams are bang average. A little bit of investment into this squad and we can be top 6 easy next season. Look where we are now after a hit and miss, inconsistent season where we started on minus 8. With the right strengthening, we’ll be up by March.

    A winning team will definitely help with crowds. We know how fickle Wiganers are. If we can get promoted back to the Championship, then your attendances will be bigger with bigger clubs bringing 4 or 5 thousand with them. But then again to survive at that level we would have to strengthen again.

    The crux is most Wiganers, apart from the die hard 8-9k we already have, will only make an effort to come on the ground if we are playing well and winning most games. Always been the way. The thoughts of us starting next season without Tickle and Hughes is not a nice one, but if they do end up being sold, let’s make sure they go for the right amount, rather than giving them away, yet again.

    I’d love us to keep both for another season or two but whether we can or not, I’m not sure.