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    Guess the Gate Competition 2023/24

    Matchday 24 versus Bristol Rovers, Saturday 27th April, 12.30pm Kick off.

    Well, we’ve made it again to the last game of the season.

    It looks like this seasons title is on its way to Arthur_Itis, but, with the result of the ‘seasons average’ competition to be added there are still one or two who could pip him if an exact guess is predicted.
    OTBAW may even make a comeback for the last game, who knows?

    7 predictions so far –

    Whelans broken leg – 13002
    LaticssinceCL – 12300
    ZAKKY – 11754
    alharry – 11500
    vinceHill – 11120
    Cueball – 10777
    rumjocky – 10666