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    He’s hardly likely to come out with :-

    “Yep we had a blazer, he’s done, he’s a dickhead and he’s more chance of platting a turd than coming back.”

    Rumour has it he was unhappy at not been played when Kerr was picked in front of him especially with him out of contract he needed to be seen.
    Is the rumour true? I don’t know whether it’s bolloks. I cannot see him coming back for one final game especially if he’s not trained all week, he’ll not get picked anyway so utter pointless.
    I didn’t like him, when he came and got straight into the starting line up we did fcukin nothing but concede.

    I never saw the point bringing him to Wigan we had Hughes Morrison Watts Kerr was coming back and even Claire had previous experience at centre half.
    There was this thing Prem player experience talked about him.
    He’d played 55 games in 5 years which I’d class as he learning and prime years, I don’t class that as experience.