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I’ve read some interesting comments on Cardiff City’s boards. Seem they are very anti Vincent down there and Latics with the Malky link has been discussed on a number of occasions with mixed views.
I have never done one of these link things before so if this doesn’t work have a look at City’s Vital boards.
Doesn’t look like Tan is very popular in South Wales.

Looks like they have changed their minds then. This for me is the last straw. I could handle the scandal about the texts, I could handle the spite and vitriol dished out by cheap junior hacks in the press, I could handle the chants from other fans when they come to our ground – but THIS. This is totally unforgivable and I don’t know whether he can ever come back from this – truly appalling.

Honorary Membership Recinded

If he comes anywhere near our supporters club then I’m running on to the pitch to throw my season ticket at him and stick two fingers up to everyone.