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    Happy Ben Watson Day

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    Why not!

    Fuck the EFL

    cup winnerscup winners
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    As a child the FA Cup was everything. The very first one I vividly remember was Charlie George scoring the winner in 71.
    The FA Cup then was a magical event. Up on the Saturday at 8am to watch the full day from the players leaving the hotel till 5pm when the trophies lifted
    I always would hark on about when Leeds knocked us out all those years back blaming the wind and I thought our chance had gone forever.
    Who else remembers stood at someone’s terraced house living room window near the ground watching the draw ?, or rushing back the pub for it.
    That day back in 2013 will be forever etched in every Wigan fans memory till the day they die.
    It wasn’t just winning it it was against who at the time were unstoppable.

    Celebrate the day and to think were not that far off a 10 year celebration is a scary thought,

    “Wigan Athletic FA Cup Winners 2013”
    Sounds good

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    I can still remember that 86/87 run like it was yesterday. We got Darlington away in the 2nd round who had just beaten us 1-0 in the league a week or two earlier. We smashed them 5-0. Gillingham at home in round 3 which was postponed a number of times due to snow. Norwich next who were a top side in Div 1. I’m sure Steve Bruce played that day. Div 2 Hull were thrashed 3-0 in Round 5 before that Leeds game in the last 8. Was a horrible windy Sunday were Tunksy was beaten twice from long range. Great days

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    An incredible day and in fact so surreal and unique that I actually stopped boozing before kick off to take in the day and remember it forever.
    Walking up Wembley way before kick off I ran into two very old pals from my distant childhood and we were then actually snagged by BBC World service and asked our opinions for the waiting world.
    It doesn’t get any more surreal than that and proof how far Latics had progressed and how big the FA cup final is despite the crap spouted by the corporate football fraternity.
    I said very calmly that we would win the game and I felt elation at the end but always felt we would win the cup.
    It all felt so right and especially so sharing it with my son who I had taken to games since he was four at Springfield park in the very bleak days of the early 90s.
    Never to be forgotten

    give it some whelleygive it some whelley
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    Watching Leicester today brought back the memories. Particularly with their celebrations after winning – like us, you get the sense for some of the players this is and will be the highlight of their career. You just know that the Chelsea players, manager and owner would never celebrate in the same way.

    Anyway, it reminded me to pull this off my hard drive and upload it to youtube:

    You may have already seen it – it was shown before the 1st rematch in 2014 (I’m not counting the league cup) on BT Sports. But anyway, I think it needs saving for posterity. There’s about 2 seconds of my footage from the celebrations after the goal in it so I reckon I’m OK to share it.

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    I think our next FA Cup win will be even better, but by the third and forth times we’ll be getting used it.

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    Always puts a smile on my face when I think about it

    The EggThe Egg
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    What happened on May 11th? :unsure: ;-)

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