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    I know that not everyone uses Facebook, so you probably may not have seen my latest colourisation.
    It’s the 1978 team in July, just after our election into the League was announced. It’s not the official pre-season photo (which was used in programmes through the year) that was taken later, but a snap for the Press on the second day of training (according to Glen Buckley). As a result some big names are absent – either working or on holiday – including Gilly, Noel Ward (who has told us he was on holiday) and John Brown, and various reserves were drafted in.
    In the picture is back row: Ian Purdie (only his left boot visible :) ), Ian Seddon, Neil Davids, Joe Hinnigan, Mark Jones, Jeff Wright, Frank Corrigan, Glyn Stevens, Mick Jones, Kevin Smart, Glen Buckley, Kenny Banks (trainer). Front row: Steve Bleasdale, Alan Crompton, John Wilkie, Ian McNeil (manager), Tommy Gore, Mick Docherty, Peter Houghton.
    Mark Jones was of course a centre back, but in the absence of a keeper Ian McNeil apparently told him to put the keeper jersey on or the photo would look odd.
    Hope you like it.


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    That is a wonderful colourisation, congratulations again Garswood.

    This gives me an opportunity to ask the Elders a question about this season.

    To the tune of Boney M’s “Brown girl in the rain”, did our fans sing “Jonn Brown in the rain” or “Brownbill on the bench”, or both?

    Puzzled me for years this question!

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    Magic this one Garswood.
    I assume u r from Garswood, Garswood?
    I used to play at Garswood, where u ever there?
    How many times can I get Garswood in a post?

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    Wonderful stuff Garswood, seems like yesterday, except I was 20 that Summer and weighed in at around 12 stones ….now I’m 61 and err I don’t

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    WOW, what memories thanks gl, brilliant stuff marrer.

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    Is that Steve bleasdale that was on the infamous ‘big Ron manager’ documentary ?

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