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    cup winnerscup winners
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    Well for starters
    “we’re not in the business of selling players off cheap”
    As Lowe walks out the door for £1.2 million less than we paid for him.
    Shall I name the rest ??.

    “We have not agreed to sell the ground”

    In daily comms with Lennegan who sells 25% of his rugby shares to fund the purchase.

    I can’t be arsed typing the rest of thier bullshit, they don’t deserve my time the parasites.

    Have they tried to save the club ? No and why ?, because that’s not what they do best. What they Are experts at is making as much money as they can.

    They haven’t received a £ yet. They only get paid when it’s all sold.

    Like a bricklayer on day rate, stretch the fcuker out chaps, stretch it out. The longer it goes on the more they get paid. No wonder they appealed, fcuk me them and lawyers cleaned up.

    Again, were are all the money men of Wigan?, peeking through the curtains saying I suspect:

    “Have they gone yet ??, Thank God for that, I thought they’d never go away !!”

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    And the soft bastard journalists notvorepared to ask the awkward questions. Spineless fuckers.

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    To be honest I was expecting much worse from today so in a strange way feel slightly relieved.

    According to admin the stadium will only by sold on its own if there’s no buyer and were being liquidated so there’s every chance bidders still interested will take the full package.

    Lennagan would have to buy everything or take a chance on us not being bought in which case wouldn’t matter anyway.

    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill
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    Wouldn’t believe a word the turds say. Not 1 player gone for as they originally stated ” market value”. Who the fuck are these potential buyers ? Fuck me how little do they want to pay? If the yanks are billionaires then christ 4 million and still trying to trim the fat off. Absolutely frightening!!!….As cup winners stated ..” where are all the wealthy proud Wiganers ? Here we all are doing our best to amass 500k for Monday and they do fuck all……..the club can be bought for virtual eff all but they seem comfortable watching us fight for survival.

    cup winnerscup winners
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    Just listened to the admin interview with members of the supporters club.
    In one breath he says he prefers UK bidders then at then he says he doesn’t care who buys the club the swiftly tries to retract it. Not all overseas investors are bent, some are very good.
    We need asute business minded people not football chairman. I gladly remind you Dave Whelan was a very successfull busines before he owned a football club.

    Then regarding Anthony Barry and requesting compensation from Chelsea they didn’t feel it was right although we’re been asked to dig deep.
    But a few minutes later says we owe Chelsea 209k for a Chelsea players loan who hardly played (Sterling I’d imagine).

    So today I heard 2 very contradictory remarks. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw em. The easy way out remarks as per usual. Must be so hard to use a PR to bring developments to the fans

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    Apologies if this sounds a silly question, but whom do I contact with regards joining the supporters club?


    Thanks Egg lad!

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