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    Nice work griff Aint a great deal of exiting stuff happened to yours truly but here goes.

    1. I HAVE BEEN IN A LIFT WITH The actress Gwen Taylor and Michael Aspel.

    2 I STOPPED A QUIZ SHOW We was working at the Beeb in Manchester putting a cooling tower on the roof and they were recording a quiz show hosted by DJ Mike Smith and our two way radios were interfering with the shows PA system so we had to stop work.

    3. THE IRA ALMOST HAD ME During the height of the bombings in London we came close a few times to being victims, the closest was when they blew up St Mary Axe in the heart of the financial area of the city. We finished work around flourish that day and had left when the bomb went off around five.

    4. I DID A JOB FOR THE QUEEN Actually that aint totally true although we did put the cooling tower on the roof of Lancaster house (to cool down the wine chilling system) which is opposite and a good jump away fron Clarence House home of the late Queen Mother and where Charles and Camilla now live I believe.

    5. ME QUIZZED FOR MURDER. My brothers mother in law managed to get herself murdered and myself my brother and my dad were all quizzed over her death. The police took the clothes I had wore that night and my golf clubs away and held them for months. To this day nobody has ever been charged with her killing.

    6. I BLEW UP A LAMP POST When we were kids for some unknown reason the metal panel was missing off the lamp and the workings were exposed. We found out to our amusement that if we peed on it the thing started to smoke and make strange noises. One day we over did and it made louder sounds than usual and so we legged it and hid behind the privet hedge. All of a sudden there was a flash and a bang and Dixon Ave Shevvy sounded like downtown Baghdad during the Gulf war. I told my son about this years later and to my horror when I attended one of his parents evenings his teacher told me that my lad had stood up in front of the whole class and told them of my faux pas. Embarrassed was not the word.

    7. YES I WAS ONE OF THEM. That stormed off against Port Vale whilst 0-3 down and incandescent with rage I walked it back to Shevvy to find we had won 5-3. Never left early since.

    Now come on you lot spill the beans :lol:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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