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    Goimg to be a dilemma for Leam this game, does he go strong? Does he play our u23s. 2 games from Wembley

    Away a lot, but always watching

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    Be lovely to go to Wembley and the comp has a sentimental appeal to the supporters due to it being the first Wembley victory achieved back in 1985.
    From a supporter perspective and mine it’s go and win it but This is low on the priority list surely.
    A tough one for the manager to weigh up given the trophy represents a much smaller financial gain.
    Play a reserve team is
    My view.

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    £100k for winning it, plus 33% of TV and ticket revenue from the final itself. Potentially £1m.

    It was worth £1m to Sunderland when they lost to Portsmouth in front of 85,000 at Wembley.
    It was worth £100,000 + Tv money when they won it last season in front of 0 fans at Wembley. So the money available will be somewhere in between those figures, depending on how many tickets are sold for the final.

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    Play the under 23s ,the priority this season has to be promotion .We have so many games in hand we have to be sensible with the squad.Another big factor for me is that letting Premier league teams play their under 21s has de valued the whole tournament.

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    Leam’s never used this competition as anything more than a fitness exercise for players who need minutes on the pitch, same as the League cup. I’d guess he’ll do the same again until the final (if we reach it).

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