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    What an unmitigated cock up. Ever since it was announced the vote had been to leave despicable politicians have been only out for personal gains. Nothing Theresa May could have done coz everything she has tried was never going to be accepted. Whether you voted to leave or remain can you ever trust any politician again. Instead of securing the best deal for our glorious nation these warring buffoons have never given a single thought to the British electorate the very people they will expect to vote in an upcoming general election. All parties should have pulled together on this instead of mud slinging, doom mongering and lies.

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    Exactly! I voted to remain & have always voted labour. But in all honesty, I dont see the point of voting ever again in any election. Lost confidence in all of them whichever the party.

    Super Stuart BarlowSuper Stuart Barlow
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    It has just shown politics up for the petty crap that it is.

    Tory PM suggests something, tories vote yes, labour vote no regardless of what it is.
    Tory PM goes to her own party and suggests something, half vote yes half vote no but then all vote yes when it goes to the house just so they can beat labour.

    As you say nunny, they should have all been working together (by they I mean the cabinet and shadow cabinet, no need for Jim the MP for Clackton West to be involved) to get the best deal possible instead they have divided the nation even more and have set us up for years of uncertainty and basically shit. No doubt their salaries will all be increased soon though why the rest of us struggle to feed our families.

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    I see that scruffy prick Stig o the dump was his usual consistent self today calling for the PM to resign. It has been the cretins only contribution in all of this. Like the good folk of Britain would ever elect a gobshite like him. In an ideal world the next general election will be a circus and no fooker will vote. I am not a tory never have been but I feel so sorry for the PM. All we have heard of by the morons in parliament and the authorities is how to reduce knife crime in the toilet that is London yet that poor woman has been stabbed in the back on a daily basis and by her own party. Each and every one of the pathetic shitheads should hang their heads in shame. I for one will never enter a polling station again.

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    I’ll take a No Deal Brexit :evil:

    Okay the cost of certain items make rise as a consequence; but it will only be relatively short term because the exporting countries will soon modify their pricing structure when their sales to the UK disappear.
    I hear all this scaremongering on TV and in the press; and from the mouths of slippery politicians:

    The cost of German cars will rise by 10% – Okay, so what; if the Japanese are smart, they can steal the German sales.
    The cost of cheese will go up – The French can keep their cheese and we will support our excellent local home grown producers.
    Same with wine – We will take Tim Martin’s lead and source New World product. The import tariffs will no longer be dictated by Europe; thus allowing these countries to compete on a level playing field.
    I hear people saying we will not be able to get this or get that – the pain will only we short lived as our own entrepreneurs will seize the opportunity to build the businesses that are in demand.

    The scaremongers are the politicians, who have no skills to offer industry; so just talk shite and bluff their way through life. Our industry Captains are the key to turning this great nation around. Let’s put the Great back into Britain and let’s leave on the 12th of April and get on with it. After all we are in the birth sign of Aries; the sign of leadership !!!

    snowblindjeff westwell
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    Corbyn and his Muppets putting the London liberal elites ahead of the northern working class. Staying in the single market for FFS!.

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    WELL WHAT A SHOCK the latest 4 options for Brexit rejected by lying cheating bumbling brain dead pathetic morons. Sick to the back teeth of this. The Queen should dissolve Parliament and replace MP,s with people better equipped to run the country ie

    Mr Bean

    Sam Dingle

    Benny from Crossroads

    Kevin and Perry

    Useless bunch of performing idiots the f….n lot of them.

    The EggThe Egg
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    Turning into an utter farce.

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    Turning into an utter farce.

    “Turning into”?

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    My MP is the latest to quit the Tory party after already falling out with the gammon munching local Tory club who want a hard Brexit. He’s gone up in my estimations now for his principled stance, and if he chose to stand again as an independent would get my vote.

    Too many Tories have put party before country, and had the PM been as conciliatory in 2016 as she is being forced to be now, the UK would have had a good deal that would have been acceptable to the vast majority of the 52% and the 48%.

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