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    Throwing stuff at Ali, including a few bottles. Absolute disgrace. Will they get any action taken against them, probably not

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    There was a small bunch near the bridge trying to kick off. Watched one mon lob about 3 rocks towards the Tics men. Plod just watched him !!!

    wiganer78chris scully
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    saw that papa was on bridge watchin the little knoob head.told the copper he just looked at me :angry-banghead:

    fatmandoNick Dawber
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    the number of stones that came in was not one or two and it continued for a while. Small boy was hit along with an adult next to me. I asked the plod who was stood watching us to do something about it and he just threatened to “take me in” if i didn’t get back. The whole crowd was shouting for them to stop the scum bags but what did they do, they turned on the video camera to record the trouble makers in the tics’ fans.
    Stupidly, I thought those public servants were there to protect and serve its population, not to watch as innocent people are stoned by hooligans. Seems like Gadaffi has sent some of his men over to help.

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    The police almost never do anything to anyone who’s misbehaving if they happen to be in large numbers. Stewards after the Bolton game basically watched (from a hill near “The Bridge”)100 Wanderers fans start a fight with a group of around 20 Wigan lads. A few police eventually came on horses and the Bolton fans were quickly rounded up.

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