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    Right’o Gents and ladies, I have had a few pints but i believe this thread should define what you love, hate and want to see change about Wigan Athletic. Now as you may have read in recent posts i have become very disenchanted with what i have seen recently, not just Martinez era but for about 4 seasons now. Not all my frustration is about Latics, The F.A, Sky and the premiership has played a big part in it. The corruption in this league is ridiculous, The distance between fans has become so apart that it has gone to the point where fans argue with each other. I really do believe that going down will be a re-birth for us, The cup runs against premiership opposition, the hysteria of a promotion push and an atmosphere where Burnley at home generates more excitement than Man Utd at home. No bollox stories about going for Europe and not selling the best players just to keep the fans for another season. We need to get back to being a family club and going to games with a true passion again, home and away, I cant wait to go to Burnley, Leeds and Sheff Utd maybe e.t.c, The solidarity has gone and needs to come back, I just want this season over and start again. The only thing i am not looking forward to is Ipswich Town and Paul Jewell. Gut wrenching to think that he could do us over with the players that got us in the Prem in the first place.

    Rant over, Sorry if it makes no sense, I will worry about it tomorrow.

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    Your complaint on football has a good answer…

    …Don’t go!

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