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    Well that was like having a tooth pulled by Ray Charles. Long ball to what looked like an unfit Magennis was 2 steps back.
    Why didn’t a fully fit, ready to prove something Humphrys start then bring Magennis on if needed ??.
    We basically dropped to Cheltenhams level and remained there for a full 90 minutes.
    Again Shinnie was woeful, everything sideways or back and anything forward was way off the mark and losing the ball throughout the game.
    Why Power (one of our best players this season) is pushed out wide is beyond me, totally wasted.
    We’re shoe horning in players mid season into a wining side and formula for the sake of it

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

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    It was just one of those days ,horrible blustery conditions ,not a great pitch and opposition that made things difficult for us.We got a point and a clean sheet ,let’s take that and move on to Tuesday night. I agree that Humphries should have started with Magennis maybe coming on off the bench. I really like Shinnie and I think he is going to be a top player for us. I get what you saying about Max but he does OK at right back ,I am more concerned with Darwika at left back .

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    Shinnie’s addition has unbalanced us. Power has been a key player so what does Richardson do?,
    Brings in Shinnie who I don’t think he’s as good as some people would like to think.
    We then move Power to right back,

    We then move Darikwa to left back were he’s utter useless.

    So let’s see
    Drop one of your best players in Power so your captain Darikwa can play in his natural position ?.
    Play Shinnie and put pressure on Darikwa at a position he cannot play, left back.

    Saying Shinnie will be a good player is no good. 2 games I’ve seen him no massive improvements bar a huge unbalancing of the team.
    I feel sorry for Power and Darikwa playing out of position to make way for a sideway backward passing player.
    Richardson, don’t rock the apple cart pal,

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it
    You’ve Pearce if fit or Robinson leftbacks, if he wants Shinnie in then put Power in drop Naylor or drop Power Darikwa in at rightback…

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    Well, after Transfer deadline day it seems that we’re now going to be playing with nine midfielders! It will be interesting to see who Leam chooses!

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    Last week’s combination of 3 left backs was a masterstroke against Arsenal U21s :good:

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    Not sure the problem was with Keane whether it was a bit of cramp but he was clutching his hamstring, I hope it wasn’t touch wood. The problem is, we now have a flood of midfielders. We currently have (give or take a mid for a defender visa versa)
    14 midfielders
    14 defenders
    8 forwards
    The problem I see is Richardson starting new sigings and dropping players that haven’t lost in 19. I’m sorry but for me you cannot improve a winning mentality. You might be able to win prettier but I don’t think you can improve the stubbornness don’t give up attitude the players have been for most of the season.How many games have we won from behind?, that’s a sign of a very good side who can play average but pull it out the bag on tap.

    Against Cheltenham I’ve a feeling if we had of started our regular 11 in their correct positions we would have nicked that game for sure.
    I can see a few more players been dropped to accommodate new signings and the apple cart will def topple over. It took Richardson a good few games to find his 11 and a style of play and I personally feel were too far into the season and with winning heads on to be asking newbie players to fit in like a glove, it takes time to settle.

    For me (and I hope I’m wrong) I do not think Shinnie is as impressive or as good as some would like to make out. Lets not forget, he played the vast majority of last season and Derby stayed up by the skin of their teeths , 1 point 4th bottom.

    I think he should be left out and back to Power Naylor Darikwa Right Back Pearce Robinson left back. Then if injured or tired bring them on. Magennis is not 100% that was an easy spot last Saturday, I bet Humphrys aint to impressed, wrong for me. You cant prove yourself if you cant get regular football not 5 mins here and there.

    IF IT AINT BORKE DONT FIX IT 19 games unbeaten and it’s tinkertime for no apparent reason. You can be asked to do much more than bring home 3 pts

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    One bad result (if it was that) and out come the pitchforks.


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