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    Another tics Mon was laid to rest this week at the age of just 53. I’m sure a lot of you would have known Chris, a long standing Latics supporter and a true gent.
    His son Rob who Chris took to games from being a young lad is looking to get a minutes applause going on 53 minutes tomorrow and hope that you will all join in.
    Let’s give him a true Latics send off, he will be looking down and loving this gesture.
    RIP Chris.

    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!

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    A belting lad and a lifelong Latic….I’ll be delighted to join in.

    I understand anyone buying the Mudhutter tomorrow will be seeing Chris in full ‘Latics away mode’ on the front cover

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    I may be a cynical old knob but I love this club. RIP fellow Latics Mon.

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