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    Argus69Neil Ferguson
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    A result like this would be great on Saturday – but not good for anyone with a nervous disposition !! B)

    The EggThe Egg
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    Didn’t celebrate our first 2 goals. Didn’t see the point in the first, thought he hadn’t given the second.

    I made up for it with the third though :D

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    That win pretty much secured another season of Premier Lge football, given Portsmouth’s collapse on and off the pitch.

    A few other points to take from that famous occasion….

    1. We thought that would be Ben Watson’s most important goal :woohoo:

    2. Wenger does a good impression of a windmill

    3. Charlie slept very well that night after that goal

    4. Bobby looked years younger lol…

    5. Never, ever, leave a Tics match before the end. Will they ever learn? :unsure:

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    Latics were absolutely awful in that game & Arsenal didn’t even need to get out of neutral to go 2-0 up & completely boss the game. I think Alan Smith sums it up in his punditry after Latics 3rd has gone in when he describes the performance as less than average
    The arrogance that often epitomises Arsenal went into overload & they thought the game was over & were mentally on the coach home by the time Watson put the first one away, then they just imploded in the last 2 minutes.
    More of the same would do nicely on Saturday!!!!

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    Great result and I remember some bloke in front of me got up and left in disgust at 2nil. Any kind of win on Saturday would be welcome, revenge for them sending us down last year!

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    With it being a nice day me and mi mate decided to walk to the game down the cut bank from New Springs.

    On the way back a bloke and his Mrs was walking down past St Pats fields sporting his Warriors top.

    “A see thiv lost ergen” he smuggly said. I’ll leave you to contemplate what my response was. :cheer:

    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!

    Argus69Neil Ferguson
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    Thing that sticks in my mind about the game was being surrounded by kids who my Mrs was teaching at the time.

    She was on supply at Fred Longworth High and they’d been given a load of free tickets.

    The comments on the Monday were in the main about Miss and that bloke jumping up and down in the South Stand !!!!! :unsure:

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