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    Well its not actually, we really have just got 3 points. Very much needed points too. Nearly hit out of the relegation zone too.

    If that ref on Saturday had give us the nailed on penalty before they scored their first goal, we would have won that game too and been clear.

    Happier tonight though

    Super Stuart BarlowSuper Stuart Barlow
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    Worst Latics team EVER. Terrible team selection. Totally SPINELESS. Rioch and Richardson are out of their depth.

    Which one was it tonight Bullitt?

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    :yahoo: The equaliser at Rochdale still niggles me.

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    We deserve a change of luck, 3pts is very welcome and hopefully we can build on
    this result, we have some tough games coming up and let’s upset the apple cart
    and win some of these games and move up the table.

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    Great win ,Northampton were not great but our defence looked a lot more solid tonight.All the other results went our way ,hope we can build on this and get out of the bottom four.Funny what a win can do ,all of a sudden I am feeling a lot more positive. :yahoo:

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    It takes a lot of guts for a team thrown together and low on confidence to grind out a win in such horrible conditions. And some very good management.
    Of all our famous wins of the past, this one is up there in terms of potential importance.

    And ugliness

    Up the ugly Tics!!

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    BTW, I’ve seen what some of you lot look like, and indeed…

    … you look like true Latics supporters ;)

    Up the ugly whiskey Tics!

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    A welcome 3 points no doubt about it, but one swallow and all that!

    Fuck the EFL

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    Its probably the worst football Game I’ve seen for many a season but one of the most satisfying of results too.
    The conditions didn’t help and the fact that both teams are fighting for their lives meant it was never going to be a classic.
    For the first time for a while the defense looked strong even with a rooky left back and a couple of players playing only their second games.
    If they continue to keep things tight at the back the results will come. I always feel that we need to score at least 3-4 to win a game, that’s been our problem all season.

    From Matlock to ManU
    What a journey!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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