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    s44rrkAndrew Sharkey
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    Anyone else notice when we had a corner last night, stoke left 2 forwards upfront causing us to leave them marked on a 2-1 basis, on the other hand,when stoke had a corner we brought every single player back allowing there entire team to camp in our half.

    negative or what !!!!!

    Another thing, goalkicks, more often than not Kirkland takes a kick left/right of area, the whole team move over to that side,followed by the opposition,leaving the rest of the pitch deserted, looked like a load of seven year olds playing for the 1st time…………everyone follow the ball.

    piengravyAdrian Fletcher
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    I hate that practice of bringing everyone back. One thing I liked about Jewell was he always left players up, and we got a lot of goals on the counter under him. I can understand it for direct free kicks where you need a lot in the wall but not corners

    The ultimate waste of a player through this was in 05/06 when “the mighty” Newcastle came to little Wigan, and brought everyone back at corners, including Owen. What a 5 ft 6 cforward is going to contribute defending corners I’ve no idea. Especially as we left Henchoz back – good player, but not exactly quick enough to live with Owen in a ball over the top…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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