Could we become victims of our own success?

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    With Boselli, Di Santo, Alcaraz and Figs all out of contract at the end of the season could we potentially lose all these players on a free if we start moving up the table this year?

    I would say we have taken losing Rodallega and Diame in our stride after last season but that might not be the case if we lose those four (potentially more)…

    Also keeping in mind Martinez is likely to receive offers during and after the seasons end we could be back to square one come this time next season.

    Hopefully we can tie deals down for all our players and manager with the ongoing promise that we would never stand in their way should a big club with a fair offer come in.

    But if we lose Martinez can we can replace him with someone that follows a similar philsophy and carry on the good work already done rather than take it apart and take us 2 steps backwards.

    Hopefully we can continue to benefit from the foundations laid by Martinez for many seasons to come like Swansea are doing (Rodgers has been made to look a decent manager & Laudrup must be over the moon with his start).

    Lets kick back and enjoy a boring mid table season which will hopefully be aided by no major departures in January but be prepared for an end of season transfer window that could be one of the most unstable for us as a club for a few years.

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    The only one i would be really disappointed losing there would be Di Santo

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    how times have changed, that we can be concerned at losing Boselli and Di Santo. Not too long ago these guys were out there for the firing squad.

    Think Di Santo could be the key to us challenging for mid table bottom top half this season. Kone looks good with him which is good to see also.

    not sure we were in it for sell on fee’s with Alcaraz, but to lose Figgy on free would be criminal.

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    It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to lose Alcaraz, he’s hit and miss for me and if Ramis can perform this season, he may find himself down the pecking order. Boselli still has stuff to prove this season, it’s too early to be worried about him. Figs has been at the club for ages, but yes, we should be getting a decent fee from him and di Santo would be a real shame except that I just can’t see him wanting to leave on a free. He seems to fit at Wigan, he’s getting a run in the team, he’s on form and his link up play with Kone has been superb this season, I can’t see why he would want to leave at the end of this season.

    Don’t forget – every club is in this situation. They all have good players coming to their end of their contracts and there’s every possibility that they may leave. It’s Bobby’s job to make sure we aren’t lacking next season and I don’t think we will be.

    As for Martinez leaving, if he does, fair play to him. He has been one of the most loyal servants for Wigan, players and managers, and he deserves a chance with a really big club. I would be very surprised if he left Wigan in a mess though i.e. all our best players leaving and no replacements, he loves it too much! :)

    I don’t think we need to be worried about being victims of our own success, although it’s nice to feel we can worry about things like that for a change!!

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    My son and i had the absolute privilige to meet Roberto, the evening prior to the Chelsea game at the Wrightlington Hotel. He took time time to speak to us at length.
    This is a top bloke who is as genuine as he comes over on tv, Wigan through and through. I really hope we can hang on to this fella.

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    Roberto will make time for anyone. Even as a player he would be mobbed by tonnes of kids and adults alike trying to walk into the front door of Springy park and would stay and chat, sign autographs e.t.c until he was dragged in by the stewards. Just one of life’s ‘nice guy’s’

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