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    “Long throw from Power; Darikwa, Sir Ben-esque, heads, top left, stunning save by Richards.
    Mclean corner, lands at the feet of Keane who pile drives it bottom right. What a save from Richards.
    Inch perfect free kick taken by Power, Humphrys thunderbolts it. Richards tips it over the bar.
    Yanic Lang barges his way down the left channel, recovers from a foul knowing he’d never get a free kick, a dainty dink to the far post Watts, Zaki like, whacks it on the half volley. Richards gets an amazing reflex save.
    Magennis is through, dinking and dancing with Nzogbia in his mind is last man. Fearlessly Richards is out of the goal, dives at his feet like a starving cheetah; what a save.
    Naylor remembers Figeroa and takes a quick free kick into space, Whatmough plays a one two with Edwards who tries to beat Richards but there is no chance.
    Some how 2 goals were scored.

    MoM David Richards”.

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