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    galacTICSanjay Shah
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    Is that 3 games on the trot now where Figueroa has been a key contributor to us conceding?

    Sunderland – out of position and then didn’t close down the cross
    County – failed to tackle the chap who crossed in for their 2nd
    Everton – lost Cahill in the box

    Doubled his wages but provided no competition for his place…lad doesn’t need to try.

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    You are to true Wigan Athletic Supporters as Cyryl Smith was to hang-gliding.

    Watch the game please………………

    fine line in opinions, however, it is not how I saw him. Off the ball play, covering (by watching and planning) other space. FFS if he was that cr@p why has he been our most consistently selected player?

    We need to move on from picking on players and get back to…………errmmm! right!….supporting them. Get behind them – sing their name. I’ve said it before…

    …Stop the Rot……………..Talk us up.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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