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    TBH with you I’ve not eaten a Chinese takeaway since we went in to administration…..
    I got a text off my mate to tell me to look on the Latics website…..OMG… the nightmare finally coming to an end…..being sceptical or being a realist…..I’ve got the champers out until everything is signed over and the three Stooges are out of fortress DW.
    So what’s first….. Getting young Mr Joseph to sign a new 5yr contract, rename the ground….I’d just be happy to go along and see my beloved Latics play league football once again, turning up at 2.15 on a Saturday, then driving home with no voice left at 5.15…..3points in the bag, having just beaten Bolton or knob end….
    These views and words are my own, but probably touch a nerve with every single true blue Latics fan.
    Here’s to the next chapter, book, drama (hopefully not), film, that this phoenix club will rise from the flames and soar on to bigger, better and calmer waters ahead.
    In the last 35 years…yes 35 years, there has not been one single season where following my beloved team throughout the country and Europe where I can honestly say it’s been a mid table finish or normal season, every season there has been something to play for come the month of May.
    Let’s hope the guys now get their 2nd wind and start to fly…..

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    The EFL should hopefully put their stamp on it in the next week, hopefully before the Ipswich game to give the lads a bigger boost. 12 tough games ahead and I think we need to win at least 4 of them, something we haven’t done all season.

    Lets hope the lads really show their metal over the coming weeks and give us League One football to come back in to the stadium to watch.

    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    I reckon the first job is the manager. They need to know if Leam is staying or following Cookie to Suffolk. If he is going a new manager needs to be in now to get us ready for next season especially if it is in League 1. I’m sure they will speak to Leam and sort it quickly. COYL

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    Although Richardson has worked wonders with the players at hand I personally don’t feel he’s the man for the job.
    Manger and coach are chalk n cheese. We need him as a coach then a manager to sort out the daily running of the club and man manage players.

    When we had all the young lads in Richardson was perfect as he knew alot about them all but as he once said he prefers coaching. I think the day to day problems managers face arent up his street.

    The first thing we need is someone in to sort out the shit with all the young lads and start trying to secure a few. We need someone again who knows the club, someone who’s been at the club, not some jumped up Cockney spiff we need a down to earth character who knows how to get the best out of players.
    Who?, that’s the million dollar question but when you look through the clubs history of players and the 100’s of top players thats been through our ranks there must be a few candidates.
    Steady Nige ? na not for me
    Graeme Jones ? again , something amiss
    Caldwell ? poss he came at the wrong time for me but again not so sure
    Boycey ?
    Anyway, whoever it is he will have a mammoth task at hand. These new owners will find out that to achieve anything in UK football you need to dip into the coffers otherwise you will linger and fester for years to come. Unlike lots of other clubs in and around us we have a base to work from and experience so I just hope they use that well.
    If they think a bit of tinkering with no money spent will sort the devastation those fcukin scumbags Admin have left behind they’ve another thing coming. With no or little investment Non League football will be easily achievable and in record time.

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    I reckon Leam will bugger off with Cook, hopefully after keeping us up. The new owners look like they are starting fresh, so maybe they’ve earmarked a manager already?

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