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    I knew the state of things prior to the game, but of those that went to watch the Stoke games, what were your thoughts on the stadium, food, drink etc? Did you go into the supporters bar? Club shop?

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    FA Cup Winners 2013, sounds good that

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    At first I thought it was bloody expensive, but when thinking back Heineken was £4.50 and Coors won’t get me as hammered. I wouldn’t drink Carling anyway, but there would be no chance at £4.30.

    Didn’t go near food kiosk, but did see a hotdog at £4.50, hope its massive at that price.

    Thought the surround of the stadium was looking pretty smart, didn’t go to Bar or shop

    FA Cup Winners 2013 - Living the dream

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    I usually drink Guinness in the concourse but last night none on sale, i had a pint before the game and one at half time, God that Coors is gassy, bloody bloated for the rest of the night.

    Enjoyed the game though, can’t wait for Friday, don’t know what i’m going to drink though!

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    Normally find coors to be the opposite of gassy tbh when compared with some lagers.

    Not convinced it will taste remotely like coors though at the ground, probably still the usual warm p*** taste

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    I had a pint of Worthingtons and I was pleasantly suprised to be fair. They had sold out of M&P Steak pies so I plumped for a Balti pie.
    I won’t be doing that again, it was as dry as Ghandis flip flops.
    £7.50 for a pie and a pint is a bit much.
    How much will a pie and pint in the SC bar be this season Adam/Jayt?

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    Noticed the new Warriors sign on the west stand , I take it we are still waiting for the Latics one. The one there at the moment has completely faded and needs replacing. Overall , a good work out ,felt a bit weird being back in the stadium after so long ,looking forward to Friday.

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    It was just so good to be back. I don’t think the general choice of beers and refreshments were very good, but it’s early days so I’m sure things will improve.

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    Delighted to be back in at last ……..generally fed up being charged 4 or 5 quid for a pint anywhere..but I certainly wouldn’t pay that at the ground for a pint of shyte.
    Boozing at the match has never been my scene to be fair (I’d never be away from the bogs for starters) ……that said I did try one a few seasons back when they started a ‘real ale’ initiative at a couple of ‘pop up’ stands on the concourse ….but they did not work well and disappeared in short order.

    Generally have eaten before a match but I had cause to purchase a meat and prater pie about 5 seasons ago and it was absolutely dire…never again !

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    Another enjoyable game against Preston. The team starting to take shape.I like the look of Whatmough and Naylor,Wyke needs service ,Sunderland fans did warn us! Good performances throughout the whole team. Man of the match for me Max Power ,never thought I would say this but his passing was excellent tonight.Just great being back at the stadium again watching live football.

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