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    Send the kids/fringe players to this.

    I wouldnt risk any of the players who started todays game. I definitely wouldn’t take McClean, remember the last time Joe Garner and McClean met? Not worth the risk.

    Is anybody really bothered about the League Cup this season?

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    First priority for all three promoted clubs is survival.

    If the kids/reserves/squad men win the League cup ties in midweek, then good on them – gives them added incentive in training and another cup game at the end of the month to look forward to, but I wouldnt want any key players featuring in any cup game until there’s an idea as to how the league campaign will pan out.

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    100% play the kids
    The league cup is a competion long past it’s sell by date which was in the 80s.
    It attracts very poor gates and most teams play weakened
    ones anyway making the ties non events.
    Was brought in to boost floodlight football in the 1960s and has had its day in my view.
    You know who the winners will be before it starts , Man City or Liverpool.

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