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    We are 12 points from safety. Currently our goal difference stands at +16 in our favour. If it does go down to the wire, this could be our saving grace. Hopefully we wont need to rely on it & we will have amassed enough points anyway. I’m also kind of hoping that Fulham may want to “rest” :unsure: :unsure: a few players next Wednesday to keep them fresh for the playoffs. :whistle:

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    Another good result for us tonight with Charlton only getting a draw at Birmingham.

    By my reckoning, given our goal difference, that means we are guaranteed to stay up even with -12 pts if we win the last 2 games – Charlton couldn’t catch us and at least one of Hull & Luton can’t catch us on points.
    Barnsley will have to win tomorrow at Leeds to be able to overtake us (sounds like an accumulator buster that one!!)

    We can do this…BELIEVE

    give it some whelleygive it some whelley
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    Realistically, if we beat Charlton, we almost certainly will only need a draw against Fulham.

    Given how Brentford and West Brom are doing, it’s almost certain that Fulham will have absolutely zero to play for come the final game.

    cup winnerscup winners
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    Its between 6 clubs any 3 from the six will go down.
    Wigan, Huddersfield, Charlton, Hull, Luton, Barnsley.
    The more that lose the merrier. I watched the Charlton game and to say Birmingham were poor is an under statement. Charlton played well but they have zero idea in the last 3rd of the pitch.
    So, let’s see how this all pans out for us.

    Huddersfield have West Brom at home Friday and Millwall away last game. We are 9 in front of them but we have a far better goal difference.
    There are quite a few senario’s regarding Huddersfield so were better waiting till they’ve played West Brom who have to win with Brentford breathing down their necks for an auto promotion spot.
    Huddersfield haven’t scored for over 6 hours.

    Hull and Luton ?
    Again based on us beating Charlton Saturday a win for either side means the other cannot catch us we’ll be 15 pts in front of the loser.

    A draw means if we beat Charlton and we win or draw against Fulham both Hull and Luton cannot catch us.

    Barnsley have still to play Leeds, Forest and Brentford. If they lose against Leeds (who have Charlton to play on the last day) will be 14 behind us with 2 to go.

    Some of these bottom clubs have some mega hard games against top 6 opposition who still have something to play for. The picture will become a bit clearer before our game Saturday and around 2:30 Saturday. The Charlton game in my eyes is just as important as the FA Cup final.

    These next 2 games will determine if we stay in the Championship and if a potential buyer is gam enough to take us on. Win both games or possibly win 1 draw 1 I personally think were safe.
    Fulham are increasingly looking like they will not be able to move up a position. We need Stoke to roll over and die Saturday dinner against Brentford so Fulham’s last game against us is meaningless.

    I can see huge wholesale changes in the Fulham side for their last game.

    Imagine if the manager didn’t and key players get injured or suspended against us who will be fighting for our lives. The manager will never live it down especially if the match is of no significant or financial gain to Fulham and with a possible 3 games to play and a place in the Prem at stake.

    Troy McClureTroy McClure
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    My brain hurts… :wacko:

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    Let’s hope that this time next week, we are all suffering from hangovers after the celebrations of staying up :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    donnys pageDonnys Page
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    We will win them both.
    Then wait and win the points appeal.
    Koukash will take control.
    We will keep the spine of the side.
    Keep our best youngsters.
    then push for promotion next season.

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    Nice one Donny, I like the new positive you :yes: :yes: :yes:

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    Jolly good shot sir, plenty more in the tank!!!

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