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    I know there are more important things in life, but football ain’t helping at the moment.

    Stay at home all week and look forward to Saturday three ‘o’ clock !

    Can it get any worse !

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    I said that last week but that first half topped it.
    From a team full of kids to a team full of non league players at their best. Since all these new players have entered the pitch we have literally got 10 times worse.

    What I want to know, who the fcuk is picking these signings ?? Admin ???.
    I thought the kids were find their feet and were at least trying to play football. We needed 3-4 older heads and I think we would have been right.
    Theres no happy medium youth and experience and I’m afraid Richardson is getting it oh so wrong.
    Lang defending while Darwika was having a can on the half way line. Then when they hit the bar no latics player bombed it to the ball they were happy for Wimbledon to retrieve it and attack again.
    I’ve got to say, we will go down. Wimbledon not a win in 11 9 losses and they score 3 away

    Oh and Crankshaw scores on his debut but only good enough for our bench.

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    We dont want to get out of the bottom 4. We have had so many chances over the last few weeks playing all those around us and as soon as a victory takes us out the relegation zone we put in a horrific performance. We have gone for sure unless 4 teams around us go into administration.

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    Not felt this dejected for a long ,long time.Its not just the realisation we are nailed on to get relegated.It’s also this takeover business.The admin ‘not putting a time limit on it ‘ says to me they are going to drag it out for as long as they can.

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