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      I have never given Sky a penny and never will, I urge all football fans nationwide to cancel their Sky subscriptions, they are killing the game and taking the piss out of match going football fans. The only way to make them stop is to stop giving them your money.



      I have echoed this sentiment for years !

      You know when you go into these modern day shopping centres, and there’s always two geezers with a pop up Sky stand; I always take five minutes of my life to give them a lecture upon the ruination of football by SKY. The missus get’s embarrassed and walks into the nearest shoe shop. It’s good fun though :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      cup winnerscup winners

        As fans were just an afterthought till it all goes pearshaped and it hits the fan then the magic collection hat suddenly appears, collection here there every fookin were!!. I don’t see those coonts at Sky bailing the clubs out !.

        Look at Bolton? Leyton Orient decent day out London first game that’s if you could get back that could easily be us.
        Every club shown 21 times ? On about total saturation on mass.

        The majority of those games will have viewing figures on par with a Peep Show on The Reeperbahn.
        Utter stupidity, footballs about the experience day out, train, coach, few beers not hands down your trackies scratching your ted’s on the couch saying “This is sh!t !”.

        I love KFC but have it every dinner / tea I’d soon be fooked off with it and that’s what will eventually happen.
        Moving KO times not just the odd game though but every fookin league match to suit ? Why ?? Someone give me a genuine reason as to why I’m all ears. Moved to suit fookin who ? Stevie Wonder ?? it’s League fookin One the bellends!.
        Too much of a good thing ruins it

        Fook u Sky fook u EFL

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          I quote my dad, back in 92 when the Premier League came in and Sky got their filthy mits on it all…

          “Sky will ruin football.”

          And yes, it’s killed, and is still killing, the game.

          It’s eating itself up now, Football.


            Game is knackered and so far removed from what I became hooked with as a child.
            Totally ruined by corporate entities but watch them disappear as the grounds empty up over next few years because they will !

            cup winnerscup winners

              I’ve been saying this for a while, I wasn’t sure if it was me or the game. TV, VAR and players who don’t give a fook bar money has left the game sterile.
              You’ve fans who 50% of the time are too scared to celebrate a goal. We’re ok but I’d honestly hate to be in the Prem. That pot of gold DW once chased has turned to a pot full of sh*t.
              I’m watching the Euro’s and it’s simply boring. I think bar the Austria game it’s like watching paint dry.

              The match day experience is slowly turning into the sofa day experience


                I hate sky too, and have never ever signed up to them.

                What really concens me is we all agree about this and I think Jason needs to step in to ensure the usual abuse prevails.

                Sort it out Jason!

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