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    Ian Lenagan quashes “false” report he’s on brink of selling Wigan Warriors


    Total Rugby League, Wigan Warriors.

    I think the crowds have declined for a few reasons.

    It’s partly because of Wigan having an ageing fan base and ageing population of the town. Eventually older fans will either stop attending because they are less able to or sadly they pass away. It stands to reason if there are more 80 year olds than 18 year olds watching each year then the crowds will start to decline.

    Wigan also have probably taken their eye off the ball in terms of engaging with younger fans and improving the match day experience. Sadly these days there’s no atmosphere. Even local games have no big match atmosphere.

    Only Saints games really feel like watching something special. Games against Wire recently have felt a bit flat. Leeds games used to provide a great atmosphere but they’ve gone the same way. Part of that is down to the drop in attendances though.

    The days when Mick Hogan was at the club were probably the best in terms of creating an atmosphere where you wanted to be at every game and they felt like a big thing. Since then it’s felt like the club have been resting on their laurels.

    In terms of Danson actually taking over it’s hard to know what to expect.

    I do wonder whether this is linked to Lenagan bidding for Latics.

    It’s believed that Danson has no interest in buying the football club but it may be that Lenagan needs the funds to purchase Latics so selling Wigan is how he’ll get them.

    I doubt Danson will have any hands on involvement or,
    go about splashing the cash.

    It’s also interesting that Darryl Eales
    (former Oxford Utd and current Solihull Moors chairman)
    is now a director of Wigan Warriors and is believed to be
    part of Lenagan’s bid for Latics.

    Seems likely that the goal is to link the two clubs.

    Is there No Smoke Without Fire?

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