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    Thanks for the concern folks. I can assure you I am still alive and well, albeit a bit fed up with everything going on in the club, the country and the world in no particular order. :yes:
    I just got a bit out of the habit of visiting here when there was nothing to contribute and haven’t got back into the swing of it, even though I have watched every single game we’ve played this season so far.
    I have been busy mainly on Facebook and to a lesser extent on Twitter.
    I’ve also been very busy doing my colourising. If you get the match programmes you’ll see I have a double-page spread in them.
    If you like I will post some here for you to reminisce over.
    I also have just finished a collaborative book on teh two Bradford clubs which has about 170 of my pictures, and has literally just been published, so that has kept me busy.
    But thanks for the concern – you don’t get rid of me that easy.

    Our latest book – Wool City Rivals: A History in Colour (vol 7)

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    Welcome back marrer

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    Good to hear from you GL :good:

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    I’ve admired your work in the programme Garswood, it’s one of the highlights.

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    Keep going GL and with a bit of luck, I’ll see you at the Peterborough game in late Feb!

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