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    What do you think about this Shamima Begum girl ?

    I bet the London Bubble folk will welcome her home.

    Is she not guilty of treason ?

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    For me, she gave up any rights to any kind of British citizenship when she ‘defected’ over to ISIS.

    She now wants to come back and use the benefits of the National Health and our state.

    Best place for her? In the sights of an SAS sniper. Be best all round*

    Did we welcome back Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce), at end of WW2 when he was captured? Locked him in the tower and executed for treason.

    *in reality, she will be welcomed back with open arms and make a plethora of appearances on Breakfast television, arguing her point.

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    As much as I find what she did and with who utterly disgusting, the fact remains that she is a British Citizen, just like you and I. International law decrees that nobody can be made stateless – the only way the Home Secretary can revoke her British Citizenship is if she held dual nationality, which would then leave her as a citizen of the other country. Before anyone says it, Islamic State was not recognised as a country, so they have no standing in the world.

    That said, she has made her choice, and as a British Citizen, should she choose to return here, she must face the consequences of that choice. She is not entitled to be brought back here using public funds as she is there by choice and not being held hostage, so it remains the responsibility of her, her friends and her family to arrange to get her home.

    Upon arrival, she will probably be investigated, charged, incarcerated, have her child put into care, and live the rest of her life with extremely strict monitoring conditions. She will probably never get a British passport again, despite being a British Citizen (the issue of one can be denied by the Home Secretary), so she will find travelling to like-minded countries impossible. As she is an adult, she will not receive the same level of identity protection given to the Bulger killers, so if she is fortunate enough to avoid some right-wing nut job beheading her on the street, she will be living in fear of it happening for the rest of her life.

    Her child, who will be born a complete innocent, should be re-homed with a loving, caring adoptive family that have nothing to do with IS.

    MR BrownbillMR Brownbill
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    What about the other 400 who have returned. Security services do not have the resources to monitor all of them. What other country would allow such an outrage ?.They gave up any right to British citizenship and should have been turned back….to where ? Who gives a shit. As for the pregnant traitor….shown no remorse,and IS a threat so fire her off back to the camp after birth and let her rot… stated the poor child is the innocent one so adopting him/her the human thing to do. But we all know the outcome in soft arse Britain……and we’ll pay for the pleasure too !!!!

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    I wouldn’t believe all you read or watch from the mainstream media, half of it is complete bollocks!

    I’d also go as far as to say that we as a nation are just as complicit as any of the ISIS sympathisers who went out to the Middle East. Neither really knew what they were letting themselves in for and we made a complete pigs ear of it each time we got involved, we have truly reaped what we have sown!

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    Was her Father,Abase Hussen,seen carrying a burning USA flag whilst supporting the killers of Lee Rigby ?

    Do you really want these brainwashed idiots in our midst ?

    How can she make a statement that the MEN bombing was simply retaliation; and then think she will be welcomed back into the UK.

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    Slot the bitch.

    Treason..they executed Lord Haw Haw.

    Whats the difference?

    Super Stuart BarlowSuper Stuart Barlow
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    You gotta love the casual racist.

    Bring her home, lock her up.

    donnys pageDonnys Page
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    She’ll be back sat with Jezza McDonnell and Abbott at the Labour part conference.
    We’ll keep her in a nice house with rent paid, she’ll get DLA for her stress on top of her other benefits and a free car paid for from the child’s DLA.
    She’ll be reet, don’t worry about the poor lass.

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    You gotta love the casual racist.

    Bring her home, lock her up.[/quote


    Trouble with locking them up Stu is that you get knock on affects from other terrorist organizations using their imprisonment as a cause. Free our brothers and sisters crap to excuse their own actions of atrocities committed. Whilst a terrorist is alive they will be forever dangerous and a terrorist. They should therefore remain in the war zone they chose to commit treason to or be put to death on return. The only way to stop terrorism is to make the consequences of their actions severe and fatal.

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