it really is time for Bobby to call it a day

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    mighty_affStu L
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    he gave it a shot, but is clearly not up to it.

    Why does he keep talking about ‘the difference in playing at the top level’, ‘playing in the premiership means you get get so few chances on goal’ etc etc

    Point is, HE HAS NEVER PLAYED AT THE TOP LEVEL, so how can he expect proven internationals to even consider listening to his pathetic justification of his 4-5-1 formations AT HOME AGAINST NOTTS COUNTY!! The manager is a joke, and is not there because whelan wanted to bring in an ex-player who loves the club, its because he was the cheapest candidate no doubt.

    You even here the commentators now on our games taking the p1ss out of his ‘tactical genius’.

    Steve Claridge summed him up ‘the lad is supposed to be a tactical genius, yet wolves are down to 10 men and he is playing as though he only has 9’

    Serously, time to go, with Jonesy et al.

    And as for a replacement, i would go for Neil Warnock to at least come in and get some backbone into the squad.

    I await the superfans to rebuke the abpove and state that everything is alright, and the cup doesnt matter and scotland will score a million when he finally gets one.

    JohnArkwrightjohn arkwright
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    So our player of last season goes out, passes the ball into touch, then fails to trap it and it’s all down to some bloke stood on the touchline eh.
    I agree, Martinzez is struggling tactically, BUT, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. The players have a lot to answer for here, not the manager.

    griffChris Griffin
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    Scotland has already scored one, try to keep up.

    Neil Warnock? I wouldn’t let him run the club shop

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    “The players have a lot to answer for here, not the manager”

    Yes the players have to shoulder some responsibility here but to say the manager does not have a lot to answer for is a load of Cr@p in my opinion
    For a start, 7 of the 14 players involved in a 2-0 home defeat to a bottom division side were his signings so he has to take full responsibility for bringing them in in the first place
    Even when looking at the wider picture of the season overall not a single one of “his” players has impressed me on a consistant basis, meaning I have zero confidence that our 2 new forwards so many people seem to be pinning their hopes on will be any good
    Martinez has taken an extremely impressive & stingy defensive unit for the last 18 months & turned it into the leakiest in the division within months
    There was a Swansea fan on one of the Wigan messageboards when Bobby took over the reigns here saying that he produced some great football but he did have some major flaws. I think one was his inability to know how to see a game out (why Swansea had so many draws last season & ultimately missed out on a place in the play offs) & the second (which was more relevant to Latics currently) is that he said Bobby’s Swansea team had always had a real inability to deal with corners & that Bobby & his team seemed either not to acknowledge there was a problem or seemed incapable of knowing what to do to correct it. As he is having exactly the same problem here I can’t help but think that his “part zonal, part man marking at corners” system he has talked about is to blame
    Its Bobby who is choosing the system & formation that we don’t have the squad to be able to make it work & its Bobby who is determined to forge ahead with the “style” of play despite the last few months telling everybody that we don’t have the personnel to play it

    You acknowledge that he’s struggling tactically so add to that his gash signings & inability to know what he needs to do to turn things round
    I was hoping Bobby would be a great success but at the moment he & his team look horribly out of their depth. 2 league wins since the 24th October tells its own story

    Would it make any sense to sack him now?? I don’t know but I think there are managers availavle out there who could do much better with the same squad of players as bruce did with Hutchings squad

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    What has Steve Claridge ever done? I wouldn’t listen to him
    Are you on about the same Wolves game we won 2-0??
    come on use better examples to criticise

    Squire Manny BrownBB
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    Steve Claridge !! :D That did make me laugh.

    Bob gambled last night by trying to win the game without playing his best team. When we saw the line up with Gomez , Koumas , Sinclair and even a seriously out of confidence Scotland , we knew it was a gamble. These are all players who very soon are going to be bit part players only. In the case of SS & JK they’ll probably struggle to get on the bench from now on. As it happens last night could have gone either way.

    And what the hell is happening to the pitch. I dread seeing it against Stoke after the tenants have played on it. :(

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    Not just Bobby. What we doing with Graham Barrow as coach?

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